The Keyboard Waffle Iron ~ $94.95

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I am telling you waffles are the shit whether it’s 7 am or 2 am. It is like a crispy yet fluffy trap for syrup and if your all about computers and anything techy then you might want to CTRL+ALT+DEL+EAT! Why? Cause it’s cool…”

  • CTRL+ALT+DELicious!
  • Handles are bakelite & heat-resistant for easy flipping and cooking
  • Features a die-cast, non-stick, easy to clean aluminum design, making this product durable, strong, and efficient
  • The KWI makes for one-of-a-kind waffle making experience, great for gifts, birthdays, office lunches, gag gifts, and celebrations.
  • The Keyboard Waffle Iron’s slim and “wireless” design makes for easy toting to your next brunch, tailgate, or QWERTY club meeting.

Prices and shipping change often so be sure to confirm all details at final check out!

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