Feisty Pets ~ $19.99

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Nothing is cuter than a stuffed animal right? They are soft and furry and as soon as you turn your back they could bite your freaking face-off! The Feisty Pets are perfect for a hilarious and innocent pranks on friends and family! Collect each charismatic character; dog, cat, unicorn, monkey, bear and more. Why? Cause it’s cool…”

  • Turn your sweet and innocent looking stuffed animal into a feisty pet by giving it a little squeeze behind the ears.
  • These pets have an endearing resting face and are great for cuddle time-and their animated alter ego is fun for play and to give your friends.
  • Stuffed with polyester fibers and is surface washable.
  • Collect them all stuffed attitude.

Prices and shipping change often so be sure to confirm all details at final check out!

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