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All aboard!  Sometimes it’s hard to stay on the right track, but this locomotive will help you get there! This one isn’t for child’s play and it won’t be at platform nine and three-quarters. This bad boy don’t need a conductor it just needs and engineer with a locomotiv-ation to get the job done.  Why? Cause it’s cool…”



  • The UGEARS 460 Locomotive with Tender combines all of the technical and artistic innovations that builders have come to appreciate in our other models and takes them a step beyond.
  • Richly detailed with an eye toward realism and romance, our version of this indelible symbol of 19th century technology and adventure captures the imagination of all who see it. It’s no wonder it was such a hit during our Kickstarter campaign.
  • It brings unforgettable times of working together on projects that are engaging for people of all ages. Video will give  you a quick overview of our model.
  • The UGEARS 460 Locomotive with Tender is an original and welcome gift.
  • You need no glue to put UGEARS models together, which makes watching it working and moving even more exciting.


Prices and shipping change often so be sure to confirm all details at final check out!

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